Announcing: a fresh new blog launch

I’ve been on a high since attending the Food Bloggers of Canada’s conference over the weekend. I met some wonderful people and got my fill of awesome foodie ideas. I’m putting my new-found energy to good use by launching a new blog food 4 happiness

Carol and I had a huge chat on our drive back from the conference. One of the big a-ha moments at the conference was when Dianne Jacob (food writer extraordinaire) said to showcase your voice through your blog. Carol and I had been co-blogging for a couple of years and we took Dianne’s advice to heart by deciding to launch separate blogs.

So get ready to eat delicious food. My recipes and food ideas will also be good for your health, which is a key ingredient for happiness.

Happiness quote of the day (which also applies to food):

Happiness is not ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

So join me on my journey of good food, health and happiness

– Zannat


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