Featured breakfast cereal: Weetabix

As a registered dietitian, I’m often asked what products and brands I like best or how I choose the best brands. For my next few posts, I’ll be featuring breakfast cereals I choose and why. You can also read my article featured in Savvy Mom: How to Choose a Healthy Breakfast Cereal.

5 reasons why I buy Weetabix  

  1. Taste. I grew up eating and loving Weetabix. I like it in the morning with warmed milk or in the evening if I need an after workout snack (1 biscuit with milk).
  2. Whole grain goodness. The first ingredient listed is “whole wheat” but when I called the company they confirmed it is in fact “whole grain whole wheat”. Just because a product says whole grain on the package doesn’t mean that’s the primary ingredient, but in this case it does.

3. Low in sugar. There are just 2 grams of sugar. By comparison, many cereals have 6-10 grams of sugar per serving or more.

4. Reasonable sodium. With 130 mg sodium (adults only need 1500 mg/day), that’s  about 100 mg less than other brands.

5. Clean ingredient list. There are just 4 ingredients plus the added vitamins and minerals. I know ingredients have functional purposes, usually ones that make the product more palatable or shelf stable but if I can choose a product with a cleaner, shorter list, I generally go for that.

Did you know? Sometimes you can get cereal coupons from the company website.

What’s your favourite cereal and why?

What other foods would you like me to review?


Note: I have no relationship with Weetabix Canada and was not paid to write this product review.


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