5 fab ways to love Cookin’ Greens

cookingreensWith the run up to St. Patrick’s Day and all things green, try Cookin’ Greens line of frozen green vegetables. (Note to fashionistas: green is THE trend colour for spring.)

Frozen vegetables are just as healthy as fresh vegetables. They are also super convenient when you’re too tired to chop fresh vegetables. Now there’s no excuse to skip out on your greens.

Take advantage of the body cleansing antioxidant benefits found in leafy green vegetables. From chopped kale,  spinach, and rapini to a couple of green mixed vegetables, Cookin’ Greens is a Canadian success story that will be featured on CBC’s Dragon Den on Sunday, March 24th.

Five fab ways to love your greens:

1) Cook with olive oil, garlic and a teeny pinch of salt

2) Saute with mushrooms to create a bed of yumminess for eggs

3) Mix with ricotta and layer it into your favourite lasagna recipe

4) Add to chickpea, lemon, garlic soup

5) Blend up in a smoothie, add fresh ginger for a spicy kick


Happy Greens Day!

– Zannat

(note: this post was not prompted or paid for by Cookin’ Greens)


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