Kids in the kitchen

pasta shellsCooking with kids can be a lot of fun. Two weekends ago, I spent an afternoon with my nine-year old making a ground beef recipe with lentils, mushrooms and spinach. This was going to be the filling for a stuffed pasta shells recipe. We also slow simmered a simple tomato sauce for the topping.

After showing her the right technique, she chopped garlic and mushrooms like a proud chef. She opened canned tomatoes for the sauce and helped stir the pots.

Not only was this a fun way for the two of us to spend quality time together, it also taught her valuable skills and boosted her confidence.

Of course, cooking with kids isn’t all rosy. Baking with my five year-old demands a great deal of patience. There are spills to clean up and things definitely take a lot more time.

Check out   for ideas and tips on age-appropriate ways to get kids in the kitchen.

– Zannat


4 thoughts on “Kids in the kitchen

  1. I cook with my gkids whenever I get a chance. They love it, it’s a special time with them, and I get to pass on family stories, recipes, and give the gift their parents don’t always have….time. Always looking for good kid recipes to share with them, too. We cook healthy, so I really appreciate your blog. Come visit!

  2. I read that if you get your kids cooking and understanding healthy meals at a young age they learn to appreciate good healthy foods for the rest of their lives. Kudos! I also think I will try that recipe 😉

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