3 ways to indulge this holiday


Here’s how you can enjoy great food and yes, indulge without the guilt this holiday season:

1. Build fun ways to be active into each day. That’s the cushion that makes small indulgences easier to balance out. Choose things you’ll enjoy. Make a plan and try to stick to it.

2. Don’t let yourself feel deprived. If you really want that fancy sweetened alcoholic drink or piece of pie, go for it.  Enjoy every sip or bite. Swap any guilt with a feeling of trust knowing you’ll balance things out over the next day or so.

3. Stay energized by eating at regular meal and snack times (mostly). Bonus: That also makes it easier to be selective about indulging in the things you truly enjoy rather than nibble on chocolate and notice at 2 pm you haven’t had lunch yet!

Happy Holidays!



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