New eggs deliver more vitamin D

Golden D eggs
The egg section of the grocery store just got bigger with vitamin D-enriched eggs.
While one egg naturally provides 15% of the Daily Value for vitamin D, Golden D eggs provide 50% of the Daily Value.

We all need a steady supply of vitamin D from our diet, yet other than fatty fish, egg yolks, mushrooms and fortified foods (milk, soy/rice/orange beverages, margarine and some yogurts), there are few foods that provide vitamin D.

Vitamin D keeps our bones and immune system healthy. We can make vitamin D in our skin between April and September when we are not wearing sunscreen (sunscreen blocks our skin’s ability to make vitamin D).

So who can benefit from most from vitamin D- enriched eggs?

• Adults over the age of 50. We make less vitamin D as we age.
• People with dark skin. The darker your skin, the less vitamin D you make.
• People who cover most of their bodies due to cultural or religious reasons. That limits how much vitamin D can be made in your skin.
• Anyone who eats few sources of vitamin D.

You can pick up Golden D eggs at the following chains:
• Metro Food
• Basic
• Foodland
• Freshco
• Sobey
• Longos
• Wal Mart

Any way you crack it all eggs are an excellent choice with 14 essential nutrients including an excellent source of affordable protein and just 70 calories per egg.


Please note: I am proud to have Egg Farmers of Ontario as a valuable client. I was not paid for this review.
Image source: Golden D website


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