{video} Holiday recipes with a twist

Looking for delicious holiday recipes that are also diabetes friendly? This is the last week of Diabetes Awareness Month and with the run up to the holiday season, you might be looking for some inspiration for your holiday menu.

I teamed up with the energetic Chef James Smith of George Brown College in a series of videos showcasing holiday recipes with a healthy twist (click on Healthy Recipe Videos).

I helped tweak the recipes to turn up the health factor, but the most important thing was to make the food flavourful. Recipes that are diabetes friendly can be fabulous. The best part for me was taste testing — two thumbs up!

  • Sweet potato latkes — These are baked in the oven, use sweet potatoes and topped with cranberry sauce. The recipe calls for wild rice, a whole grain.
  • Warm lentil and green bean salad — Fibre is really important if you have diabetes. This colourful recipe combines lentils, green beans and slices of citrus fruit.
  • Stuffed turkey with butter chicken sauce — Perfect for a small gathering. The creamy butter chicken sauce subs in for gravy.
  • Mango lassi pudding — Served with a strawberry lime salsa, this pudding is easy to make.

The videos are part of the Stand Up to Diabetes campaign (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care). Happy eating!

– Zannat


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