Discover Eat In Eat Out magazine!

Are you a foodie looking for new recipes? Do you spend hours drooling over beautiful food photography? Then Eat In Eat Out magazine is just what you need!

A digital food magazine founded by uber-foodie Lori Kennedy, EIEO is packed with mouth-watering recipes and features food bloggers and restaurants from coast to coast.

From cooking chicken in your slow cooker to whipping up delectable pumpkin recipes, the fall edition captures the essence of the harvest season. I also love the clever Takeout Fakeout section, which offers up recipes to help you recreate your favourite take-out dishes at home.

A special section highlights the importance of eating healthy and starting at an early age. And if you want to cook with your kids, first read Mardi Michel’s tips on how to make it a fun and successful experience.

Whether you like to eat in or eat out (or both!), this magazine will inspire and connect foodies everywhere. Happy reading!

– Zannat



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