15 Meal ideas for using ground beef

Sometimes deciding what to eat for dinner seems tougher than actually making it. With homework and after school activities in full swing, a list of quick-and-kid-friendly meal ideas can be a lifesaver. Well here’s a list of 20 meal ideas for using ground beef. 

Tweak this list to make it your own, print and post it on the fridge – perfect for nights when your mind goes blank for dinner ideas. Just be sure to keep ground beef in the freezer.  Buy a few packages when it goes on sale.

Meal ideas for using ground beef

  1. Shepard’s pie (use leftover potatoes),  bagged coleslaw (try adding diced red apples), whole grain rolls
  2. Chili (make ahead and freeze ) served over half a microwave-baked potato, cheesy garlic toast, raw peppers
  3. Tacos (try lettuce as the “taco shell”),  Spanish rice (leftover rice)  make-your-own yogurt parfaits
  4. Meatballs (make ahead and freeze) in subs, soups, spaghetti or on skewers with peppers and mushrooms
  5. Beef’n’cheese pasta casserole (use ground beef you have pre-cooked and frozen) , spinach-mandarin orange salad with walnuts
  6. Invent your own signature homemade burger  (make ahead on weekend and freeze raw ready to cook) with lots of veggie toppings, whole grain buns,  cantaloupe, raw cauliflower and dip
  7. Cabbage roll skillet supper (chop cabbage and cook all ingredients in a skillet instead of making “cabbage rolls”),  chunky vegetable soup as starter
  8. Mini muffin tin meatloaf (can be made ahead and frozen)  brown rice with frozen green peas, steamed broccoli, raw carrots, frozen yogurt tubes
  9. Cooked ground beef added to canned lower sodium vegetable soup, cheese and fruit kabobs, baked whole wheat pita wedges
  10. Quesadillas, raw veggies with dip, mixed (fresh or frozen) berry fruit crisp
  11. “Healthier” nachos (bake wedges of tortillas for chips, lower fat cheese, lower sodium salsa),  raw carrots with hummus, orange and apple wedges
  12. Bean and beef burritos, raw sugar snap peas and grape tomatoes, apples slices sprinkled with cinnamon
  13. Stuffed peppers, tossed salad, sliced fresh fruit drizzled with honey
  14. Moussaka, whole grain roll, Greek salad, berries and yogurt over sponge (Angel-food) cake
  15. Pita pizzas, bagged coleslaw (try adding sliced red grapes),  watermelon



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