Mushroom Garden Kit Fun For Kids

Here’s a great new product from Back to the Roots guaranteed to fascinate kids about growing mushrooms. With any luck your picky eater may even give them a go! It’s all baby steps to try new foods.


Amy Wilson, the Business Development Lead for Ontario, Canada explains that the mushroom spores are set in recycled coffee grinds and packaged in a box. After you soak the spore-coffee grind package in water, just mist it daily (spray bottle included) and watch the mushrooms grow. You can expect to get two harvests (1 ½ pounds total) of oyster mushrooms in about 10’ish days. All this from the box sitting on your kitchen counter (just keep out of direct sunlight).  

Based out of Oakland, California this company expects to recycle 3.6 million pounds of coffee grinds this year alone. For now you’ll find it in the produce section of Loblaw’s retailing for $19.99.  Amy says watch for newer packaging with herb seeds embedded into the cardboard ready for planting  in the garden (how cool is that!).  They have recipes too. See U Tube video for more about the sustainability practices of this company.



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