5 Fab ways to love beans

Warm up to beans! They are tasty, easy on the budget and ultra nutritious.

Time starved? Canned beans are ready to use. Did you know rinsing washes away 40% of the sodium and a lot of those natural sugars that might make you gassy?

 Try these easy ways to work beans into everyday foods you enjoy.

 1. Use black beans as a pizza or taco topping.

2. Make refried beans. Fry up some diced onion and garlic in a pan. Mash up pinto beans;  add water to thin. Stir beans into pan with onion and garlic along with a dash of chili powder. Serve hot.

3. Serve beans in a kid-friendly way. Add black beans to store bought or homemade salsa.

4. Make a complete protein. Mix kidney beans into cooked rice.

5. Bump up the fibre in canned soups. Stir in some beans. Try mixed bean medley.



2 thoughts on “5 Fab ways to love beans

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