Five foodie resources for Paris

I recently spent two amazing weeks in Paris aka foodie heaven.

With two kids in tow, it was challenging to do all the things on my foodie wish list, but I’m secretly planning another excursion sans enfants.

For my next trip, here are five foodie resources I’m going to rely on:

1)  — I stumbled across this website while I was in Paris. A collaboration by 12 food writers, one of its interesting sections is a series of “five great” places e.g. five great baguette stores. Following its advice, I went to Cocquelicot in Montmatre. Their signature baguette was deliciously warm when I bought it in the afternoon and was surprisingly fresh-tasting at 10PM. Other “five great” categories include: cheese shops, steak frites, ice cream, crepes and macarons.

2) — Another last-minute find, these hands on cooking classes are a great way to immerse yourself into Parisian foodie culture. The morning and evening market classes start off with a shopping tour of food shops in Montmatre culminating in cooking up a meal with those fresh ingredients. I wanted to take their baking and bread making classes, but they were completely full. Learning for me: advance booking is key.

3) — Patricia Wells has just launched an app that covers key features from her book, The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris. The app includes more than 350 of her favourite addresses, from restaurants to cafes, cheese shops to bakeries, and markets to specialty shops. There are also colour-coded pins and GPS location guides that are handy when touring the city.

4) — Written by Clotilde Dusoliers, this is a great collection of recipes, stores and books. You can also sign up for her delightful monthly blog.

5) — David Lebovitz’s new app, the Paris Pastry Guide highlights 300 of his favourite pastry, ice cream and chocolate shops. His website also lists a few of his favourite restaurants as well as advice when eating out in France.

Bon appétit!

–          Zannat


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