Menu Confidential

If you eat out more than once a week and are interested in knowing what you’re eating, then you need Menu Confidential.

Inspired by the uber popular Eat This Not That series, health reporter Megan Ogilvie builds on The Dish, her highly-rated Toronto Star column.

From breakfast to fast food, snacks to drinks, this easy-to-read book dares you to compare burgers, chicken sandwiches, donuts and muffins among others. There’s even a section dissecting Canadian classics such as  butter tarts, BeaverTails, Schwartz’s smoked meat sandwich, poutine and Nanaimo bars.

The dining out section scans national restaurants chains and helps readers navigate various danger zones based on calories, fat and sodium, while serving up info on your best bets. Need a conversation starter for your partner? Then check out the On a Date chapter.

You will also find three feature sections with dietitians (including Carol and me!): shop like a pro, dining out with a dietitian, and how to negotiate kids’ menus.

Overall, Menu Confidential is a fun and informative read. The take away message: it’s okay to eat out, but be armed with information to let you balance out the rest of your day or week.

– Zannat


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