Unsalted Potato Chips

The Compliments brand unsalted potato chips from Sobey’s caught my eye the other day.  My kids missed the salty taste but I honestly thought, I could get used to these.

My parents, who are on strict low-sodium diets, will be happy to know they can have a few “crisps” from time to time.   Even if you don’t like them straight up you could mix half and half with your favourite chips, lower sodium pretzels or popcorn. I bet you won’t miss the added salt.

The most important advice to keep in mind when a chip craving hits is to put some chips (10-20) in a small bowl and avoid eating from the bag. Once you start eating out of the bag, you’re doomed to over indulge!  I’m talking from personal experience here and there’s research to prove it. Want to learn more? Check out the guru on Mindless Eating at, www.BrianWansink.com  – fascinating stuff!



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