5 fab ways to love mint


Spearmint can spread through a garden like wild fire taking over everything in its path!  That’s why I dug up my mint and put it into a large pot. Ask around and anyone with mint in their garden will be more than happy to share a small plant to get you started. Even in a pot, you’ll have a lot of mint. So what to do with all the mint? Here’s my plan:

1) Add mint leaves to a pitcher of plain water with lemon and orange slices or green or black tea.

2)  Toss chopped mint leaves in with cubes of watermelon or any fruit salad.

3)  Try replacing ¼ of parsley in salads with mint.

4)  Mash a couple fresh Ontario peaches with a handful of chopped mint and mix in the juice from ½ a lime. Serve alongside grilled fish or chicken.

5) Ontario strawberries will soon be here so try this Strawberry Mint Daiquiri recipe from FoodlandOntario. They have version with no booze too.



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