Cooking up a Grainstorm!

With two sick kids in tow, I was looking for a fast Pancake Tuesday solution last night. I was rescued by a pack of Grainstorm Pancake and Waffle Mix I had picked up at Whole Foods a few weeks back.

What can I say – I’m in love! Grainstorm is the perfect marriage of taste and nutrition. The first three ingredients for this Canadian organic product are whole ground spelt, kamut and oat kernels. The mix also calls for 1 cup of milk and 1 3/4 cups plain yogurt (read: lots of calcium). I used Greek yogurt to give it an awesome boost of protein, along with the 3 eggs it calls for.

The pack makes 12 pancakes. Each pancake (if made according to the recipe) is only 210 calories, 7 grams of fat, 5 grams of fibre (read: awesome), and 5 grams of sugar (read: low).   The only thing they haven’t disclosed on the label is the sodium content (update: according to an email from Grainstorm, the sodium is roughly 400 mg per pancake — this is a tad high but lower than some other brands on the market). Overall, there are more pros than cons for this product.

And the taste? Fantabulous! The super thick batter gives way to fluffy pancakes that have a slight nutty flavour. It tastes like pancakes made from scratch. Next up? Trying out their other baking mixes.



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