Where’s the fat? Fast foods and sweetened baked goods

Today I participated in a Heart and Stroke webcast for health professionals about dietary fat and heart health. Yes we are still eating too much fat. You could have guessed that. What’s interesting is this. The main sources of fat are fast foods and sweetened baked goods. Together alone they account for  ¼ of the fat in the Canadian diet. It’s not the milk, it’s not the steaks or roasts and it’s not eggs in your fridge. Yes they have fat but they are not the big contributors. Plus, the fat in these wholesome foods comes along with a package of nutrients our bodies can’t make, donuts on the other hand…well you know! This just reconfirms my theory that you really can’t go wrong with whole, minimally processed food.

ps My strategy to avoid the fast food trap is to take 2-3 minutes before heading out to pack snacks to go: pieces of fruit, almonds, hard-boiled eggs (they keep for a week in the fridge), whole-grain granola bar, homemade muffin, cheese and crackers, veggies and hummus.



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