Slow cooking solves the dinner dilemma

As the holiday season revs up and my to-do list grows exponentially, I’ve been a bit stressed by the inevitable “what’s for dinner” dilemma. But not today. The reason? I’ve rediscovered my slow cooker.

In fact, dinner was done yesterday. We tried out a new pot roast recipe from The Slow Cooker Collection by Canadian Living. We (or more accurately, my other half) prepped the meat by browning it first, and then placing it in the slow cooker with vegetables and seasonings. Cooked on low for about six hours, the savoury aroma of beef, mushrooms, carrots and potatoes greeted us after a busy day of running errands.

Slow cooking simmers food at a low temperature and the long cooking time allows flavours to blend together. It’s perfect for transforming less expensive cuts of meat into tender succulence.

I wouldn’t say that slow cookers save you time — you still need to chop vegetables and do the prep work. But  it frees you up after a long day. You can do a lot of the prep first thing in the morning or the night before (refrigerate the ingredients overnight). For extra flavour, brown meat and poultry in a little bit of oil. But for food safety reasons, this should be done right before adding it to the slow cooker.

Check out Canadian Living for slow cooking recipes that covers everything from soups to stews, and even dessert.



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