Embrace the trend — Greek yogurt

Recently, at the the Grocery Innovations show, I got to sample the latest product innovations in yogurt — vanilla, coconut, cappuccino, caramel, with plant sterols, and even a passion fruit-flavoured Latin American drink. Interestingly, every company has launched their own version of Greek yogurt. Authentic Greek yogurt is thick and creamy thanks to a method that strains out the liquid whey. This is different from “Greek-style” yogurts, which are thickened with pectin and are not high in protein.

Most Greek yogurts seem to strive for 0% fat or are super decadent at 10% fat. For me, the big winner was Oikos by Danone. If you haven’t tried it, you really must.  While its competitors suffer from chalkiness or a tangy aftertaste, Oikos is a little taste of heaven. I love its lush creaminess (thanks to the 2% fat), and like other Greek yogurts, it’s super high in protein (17 grams in each serving of the plain yogurt — about the same as 2 cups of milk). Protein helps curb your hunger until your next meal.

A couple of my favourite ways to enjoy Oikos:

1) The plain version pairs up nicely with salsa. I like to crush a few PC Habanero & Lime tortilla chips into that mixture (that way, I get the taste and don’t need to eat too many!).

2) Vanilla Oikos with berries makes for a satisfying snack or delicious dessert.

For more ideas, check out Five foods you can replace with Greek yogurt.



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