Three tricks to managing Halloween loot

Is it me, or has Halloween morphed into a week-long orgy of treats and candy? I don’t mind one or two nights of fun, but after a while I just want it to be over. A few things we do at our house to keep Halloween fun but sane:

1) Eating dinner before venturing out — keeps me and my little ghouls from snacking on too many bite-sized treats. Today, I’m going to whip up pizza mummies (thanks to my friend Michelle W. for the inspiration). Spread tomato sauce (or pesto) on whole grain English muffins, tortillas or flat burger buns. Layer on strips of mozzarella. Use sliced olives for the eyes (or sliced grape tomatoes). Just Google it to see a picture — you’ll get the idea in a snap.

2) Choosing two treats for each day of the week — The kids will get to eat their treats after dinner. That way, they can brush their teeth soon after and the tooth fairy will be happy.

3) Trading leftover treats for toys — The  kids are super excited about getting Lego for their loot this year. I got this idea from another mom in the school yard — she swaps candy for money. Brilliant! Choose whatever works for you: books, games, stickers, going out to a movie etc.

Happy Halloween!



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