Protein-packed fun snacks kids can make

Looking for a simple cooking activity to do with your kids? I’m not into fiddly food ideas but this idea is fast, fail-proof and fun. Plus, under your watchful eye, kids can do most of it.  Here’s how:

  • Slice five hard-cooked eggs in half.
  • Remove yolks. Mix yolks into your regular tuna/salmon salad recipe.
  • Add this filling back to the egg whites.
  • Plunk a tortilla chip in each.  It’s a sailboat!

This protein-packed snack gives kids lasting energy and that means they are not asking for another snack an hour later!

Tip: Hard-cook up the full dozen of eggs – they last for up to a week in the fridge. I find one hard-cooked egg (only 70 calories!) in the afternoon helps me make it to supper and curbs my temptation to nibble away while cooking dinner. Yes, dietitians have their foodie faults too!



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