BBQ without guilt

Summer grilling time is here! The carnivore in your family might be interested to know that the largest worldwide review of red meat and heart disease was conducted by the well respected Harvard School of Public Health. After reviewing some 1500 papers reseaching over 1.2 million people across four continents, they found that red meat – unprocessed or plain – beef, pork and lamb  is NOT associated with heart disease or diabetes.

So how come you’ve heard messages to limit red meats to prevent heart disease? Well, in the past, researchers grouped all types of processed meats such as bacon, sausages, hot dogs and deli meats with unprocessed meats like pork chops or sirloin steaks. We all know a serving of pepperoni slices is not as nutritious as a piece of lean roast beef! Grouping processed and unprocessed meats together just muddied the waters. In this review, processed meats accounted for a 42% increased risk for heart disease.

Bottom line: Swap that hot dog for a few ounces of cooked lean red meat and drop the guilt while you enjoy that great tasting steak this weekend!

– Carol


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