Sensational Spaghetti Sauce

I discovered Eden’s Organic Spaghetti Sauce as I was casually strolling through the organic section at the grocery store. What caught my eye was the “no-salt added” claim. I thought, really, how good can it taste? Well, dear reader, let me assure you that despite the paltry 10 mg of sodium in every half cup, this sauce has a rich, oven-roasted flavour that has won over my four-year old (who usually prefers pesto over tomato sauce).

Other pasta sauces can’t compete on sodium. I’ve seen brands that have 800mg (!) in the same 1/2 cup serving. The lowest I’ve seen is about 130mg. Note: your body only needs 1500 mg of sodium a day.

The other nutritional pluses of Eden’s Spaghetti Sauce? Loads of vitamin C (20%), iron (15%) and fibre (5 grams). As an added bonus, the sauce is thick enough use as pizza sauce.

I’m still perfecting my friend Marilyn’s homemade tomato sauce recipe. In the meantime, Eden’s sauce is my go-to jarred pasta sauce.

– Zannat


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