Free menu plans with recipes and shopping list


Here’s something all moms want,  more time to do everything! How about this great time saver – ready made menu plans with recipes and the shopping list.  Designed by a registered dietitian (OK me!), these tasty meals will leave you feeling energized throughout your busy day. Go ahead and tweak away to your liking. Even if you only use half the meal plan that’s still half the work done for you! Visit EatRight Ontario at look down the left navigation and click menu planning.  Also check  out the How to plan menus section for more tips and ideas.



4 thoughts on “Free menu plans with recipes and shopping list

  1. Can you help me. When I go the I arrow down to Free menu plans with recipes – it tells me to click on menu planning in lefthand navigation. My computer only shows: show all, wikipedia, facebook in lefthand navigationn? What am I doing wrong. I am looking for recipes for my diabetic husband.

    • Thank you for your question. You can find a one week diabetic meal plan – static though and quite basic but can be nice to see how a “healthy” day looks even if you swap out some foods for comparable favourites:

      The other interactive tool (My Menu Planner) that allows you to swap out choices, view recipes etc does not have diabetic meal plans as an option – boy would that be a useful upgrade!

      I suppose you might have gone to the Canadian Diabetes Association’s website to find recipes? Here’s the link to the recipe section.

      Let me know if that helps. You can also call and speak with a Registered Dietitian for free (in Ontario) 1877 – 510-510-2. They can answer questions, give you web links and even send out resources….it’s a fantastic service!

      – Carol

    • Hello Carl,

      Thank you for your email. If you live in Ontario, I would suggest that you call EatRight Ontario and speak with a registered dietitian. The number is 1877-510-5102.
      They can direct you to your nearest diabetes education centre where you can get help with losing weight. In the meantime, you might like to look over some of the articles on the EatRight Ontario website If you look under section 1 called, “Browse by Topic”, the first topic is diabetes.

      If you do not live in Ontario, I would suggest you speak with your family doctor about the services available in your community.

      There is help available for people living with diabetes looking to lose weight. Getting to a healthy body weight is a great step towards better health.

      I wish you well with that!



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