Love this bread!

Today I’m excited about two new breads from Weston Bakeries: 1) Jake’s Bake House 2) Country Harvest Plus. Here’s why:

Jake’s Bake House – If you’re not keen on grainy whole grain bread, this is the bread for you. I love that this bread has 14 whole grains and a super soft texture. It’s convinced my daughter to eat whole grain bread again. Other nutrition notes: each slice has only 120 mg sodium (most breads hover around 160 mg), 3 grams of fibre, 40% of your folate needs for the day, and 10% iron. For a full list of nutrients,

Country Harvest’s Plus Whole Wheat bread is smart in that each slice is exactly 100 calories. Slightly smaller in size compared to other breads, each slice is packed with whole grains, 4 grams of fibre, and delivers 20% of your iron and folate needs for the day. The sodium number also looks good at 125 mg. Check out:  The Plus line also comes in Multigrain Crunch (each slice is 110 calories).

– Zannat


5 thoughts on “Love this bread!

  1. Too bad that both those bakeries use “glucose-fructose” in their breads. That is what most Canadian food manufactures use and it’s High Fructose Corn Syrup…. not good for you. A lot of U.S. companies are promoting their products as free of HFCS…. not yet even a thought here in Canada.

    • I know there’s been a lot of media coverage about high fructose corn syrup. The jury is still out when you look at all the studies. More research needs to be done. That being said, added sugar (from all sources) should be limited. I think though in the case of this bread, the benefits outweigh the sugar content.
      – Zannat

    • Just what my concern is about the bread as well. Why are they using fructose glucose in the breads to begin with??

      I like Contry Harvest’s bread better than dempster,s, but again the same problem with fructose/glucose. Are there any breads in Canada that are whole grain and don’t use glucose/fructose???

  2. Healthy Way bread is what I buy. We still buy Country Harvest on occasion as my family loves it but I try to mix it up so we get less. I wrote Country Harvest and encourage others to do the same. If they hear it often enough, that is what may make them realize that their customers don’t want it in their products.

  3. I will never buy Country Harvest again. It is very misleading that they put NEW MADE with whole grains on their packaging for the Raisin Bread! When I looked at the ingredients I was in utter shock. What was supposed to be healthy for my prediabetic diet turned out to have a cluster of ingredients that I am trying to avoid.
    First ingredient is enriched wheat flour????After water and raisins comes the Whole Grain Flour which makes me wonder how much of it is whole grain when there is less whole grain flour than raisins! Adding insult to injury, then there is the Palm Oil which is saturated fat to clog up the arteries! Sugar/Glucose Fructose????Salt??? All the ingredients that I am trying to avoid! BUYER BEWARE.
    By the way the sugar and HFCS according to Dr. Andrew Weil from Harvard, it is the worst thing you can eat because it causes advanced glycation end products which means the excess sugar will bind with proteins and accelerate aging and all sorts of degenerative diseases.

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