Oh Mama — we love your veggies!

I’ve been using Mama Earth’s organic home delivery service for a few months and I LOVE IT! You can order a small, medium or basket or vegetables and fruits (or just vegetables if you like), and then choose how often you get it delivered (weekly, bi-weekly). You can also put a vacation stop — how civilized! And, of course, it’s delivered right to your door. http://www.mamaearth.ca

I love the customization feature. If you’re like me and don’t like beets or parsnips, you can place them on a “never send” list. Some weeks I’d rather have kale over broccoli. Your online account allows you to swap what they offer in their basket for a small fee.

Some of the choices are kinda cool: rainbow-coloured carrots, purple peppers. My fave? The “live” salad still packaged in soil. The taste is amazing — so fresh and crisp. It’s almost like you’ve picked it right from your garden.

While there’s no absolute data showing that organic produce is healthier for you, I order the basket for environmental reasons. I still buy regular produce, but feel great about having some organic vegetables as well. There are other organic delivery services available, so shop around and see what works for you.

– Zannat


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