The perfect grab ‘n go? Eggs!

Yesterday morning in the rush of filling out a school trip form due that day, finding goggles for another child’s swim class…I didn’t get eating breakfast.

I was heading out for a momnet workout and thankfully remembered YES I have hard-boiled eggs in the fridge! They are a perfect grab-and-go food especially in the morning. I ate the egg on the way there, 3-4 bites and it’s gone! The protein helps me to get through my morning feeling energized.

After working out, I topped up with some fresh fruit and yogurt and felt quite satisfied until lunch. Of course, it’s always best to sit and eat, but let’s face it, the pressures of life sometimes take over and we need a back up plan. I also keep higher fibre granola bars (at least 4 grams of fibre) and almonds in the glove compartment.

Did you know? Hard-boiled eggs can keep in the fridge for a week with the shell on. I keep half a dozen hard-boiled eggs in the fridge all the time. My kids like them too!



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