Soup — cut the fat, keep the flavour!

With the wintry weather still upon us, I’ve got a pot of homemade soup going every week and lovin’it!

Soups are super because they are really fail proof! Make or take broth, add protein (e.g. chicken, eggs, beans, beef, fish), veggies, toss in leftover pasta or rice, and season. Last week, I added loads of chopped cabbage to my homemade soup and it added a really nice sweet taste. Knowing it’s full of cancer fighting compounds, it goes down even better!

I just came across this “cool” idea for quickly removing the fat from broth. Add a few ice cubes to your hot broth. The fat sticks to  the ice.  Just remove the fat coated ice cubes with a slotted spoon. Enjoy your lower-fat, full flavoured soup!



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