Want to grab something at Tim’s?

If you’re like me and only get a donut a few times a year, forget about nutrition and just enjoy it. Maple is my all time fave! If, on the other hand you’re a Tim Horton’s regular and you wonder what is your best nutritional bet you may be in for a bit of a surprise.

Best overall choice: Yogurt and berries (170 cal., 2.5 g fat and 2 g of fibre).Kid friendly too!

Best bet bagel: Cinnamon raisin! (270 calories, 3 g fibre, 1 g fat). Wondering about the 12 Grain bagel? At 330 calories (served up plain), it is the most calorie-rich bagel they offer. Yes, it’s got 3 grams more fibre but in my books that’s not a great trade for 8 more grams of fat.

Best bet muffin: Low-fat cranberry or blueberry (290 cal., 2.5 g fat, 2 g fibre). The rest range from 10 g (Raisin Bran) to 19 g (Wheat carrot) fat.

Best Timbits: Ranging from 50-90 calories each, go for the Apple Fritter or Dutchie (50 cal.).

Cookies: Share one with a pal or go for the three Timbits. Cookies range from 8-16 g fat and 230 – 280 calories. To bad they didn’t make them smaller.

Best bet donut: If you’re going for one…Honey, Chocolate and Maple dip have lowest calories at 210. The most decadent is the Walnut Crunch with 360 calories and 23 g fat….whoa!

Best bet  sandwich: Surprise….Egg Salad!  Higher in sodium yes, but not like the turkey or ham coming in at about a day’s worth of sodium!

Breakfast sandwiches: Go for English muffin, egg, cheese ( 260 cal., 9 g fat). The rest range from 310- 510 calories and 13-33 g fat….whoa momma!

Soups and chili: Minestrone likely best choice. Too bad the chili has 1320 mg sodium (note — your body only needs 1500 mg a day).

Beverages: Tea and coffee with milk. Here’s a shocker. The chocolate milk has 360 mg sodium.

– Carol


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