Theme park food…found a gem (in California!)

I’m always interested in checking out what food is offered at theme parks.

To the embarrassment of my kids, I stand there and give the menu boards a good once over and ask the server questions. True enough, it’s nutrition nerd-like behaviour at its best.

We recently visited Lego Land in Southern California. Apart from the regular burgers, fries and a local favourite, churros (deep-fried pastry strips rolled in cinnamon and sugar, think Beaver tail sliced into strips) I was happily surprised to see whole and cut up fruit and fruit-yogurt parfaits for sale.

It’s great! Moms don’t have to lug fruit around all day, the parks make money and get a “we care about you” halo, and the kids can get energized with something sweet, refreshing and delicious. What I like is that at least we have a choice – have a completely junky OR not-so-junky food day!  I’m in search of the best theme-park food…watch for more!

– Carol


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