Goodbye mealtime stress…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sous-chef in the kitchen? That’s what services like Supperworks and SupperSolved offer –they do all the chopping, measuring and cleaning. You just have to show up and assemble your meals (or pay a little extra and get them to put it together). Freeze the meals and cook as needed. Someone told Carol that these services helped boost her confidence in knowing which ingredients taste great together.

Carol and I just got back from preparing 6 meals at Supperworks (Leaside location). I’ve been to SupperSolved (Bloor West location) a few times over the past couple of years and wanted to compare the two services.

What I liked about Supperworks (and I don’t know if all the franchises are the same):

1) They have multigrain rolls with their meals, and sometimes the option to have brown rice or whole wheat pasta.

2) Their nutrition information is online and their recipes don’t have nuts (great for those with allergies).

3) The bins in the fridge had our names on it, rather than just a number (small touch, but makes it personal — although some people may have privacy issues with that).

4) The turkey chili actually used fresh red peppers (whereas SupperSolved tends to use a lot of drippy jarred roasted peppers).

5) If you’re halving your entree, they give you separate instructions for half the amount of ingredients (saves those of us who are sleep-deprived from doing mental math!)

5) The staff actually check that you have all your items before you leave; and they provide a plastic bag recycling service. Did I mention the chili cheddar squares we got to sample? And the choice of tea or coffee? (to be fair, you can get a cold drink at SupperSolved).

I have to admit I wasn’t crazy about the $10 fee to split an order at Supperworks, so I didn’t choose that option. Also, I found I was constantly having to refill their ingredient tubs — maybe it was the time of day. And this could be just me, but the cream of mushroom soup as an ingredient in the beef roast wasn’t very appealing (to put it nicely).

The price for both services is pretty much the same. And seriously, I would go back to either — sometimes a more convenient location is going to win the day.

Whichever service you choose the nice thing is you can control if you want a little or a lot of an ingredient i.e.  I don’t usually add salt if there are “salty” ingredients in the recipe (e.g. soy sauce, broth, poultry seasoning, canned tomatoes); or I cut down on the amount of cream cheese recipes call for.

Give them a try: or

Also, just heard about another service called Just Add Heat (have to check that one out and will keep you posted).

UPDATE — just discovered that you need to thaw every item before cooking — a bit of a drag coz that means 2 days worth of planning. At least for SupperSolved they give you instructions so you can take a meal straight from the freezer to your oven.

– Zannat


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